Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hyun Ah (4 Minute)

01. 흐트러지지 마
02. Ice Cream (Feat. Maboos)
03. 풋사과 (Feat. 정일훈 of BTOB)
04. 내 남자친구에게
05. Very Hot

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Bubble Pop
01 Attention
02 Bubble Pop!
03 Downtown (Feat. 전지윤)
04 A Bitter Day (Feat. 용준형 & G.NA)
05 Just Follow (Feat. DOK2)
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Bitter Day
01. A Bitter Day (feat. 용준형 & G.NA)
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E-Tribe Project Album
01. 황야의 무법자 (Vocal. Hyun-Ah of 4minute, Nassun)
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01. Change (Feat. 용준형 From Beast)
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