Monday, November 23, 2009

You're Beautiful ost

You're Beautiful ost 2

01 바보를 위한 노래 (Song For A Fool) - Park Sang Woo

02 말도없이 (Without Words) - Jang Keun Suk

03 어떡하죠 (What Should I Do) - Park Da Ye

04 Good Bye - Jang Keun Suk

05 Lovely Day (Acoustic Ver.) - Park Shin Hye

06 어떡하죠 (Inst.)

07 Good Bye (Inst.)

08 바보를 위한 노래 (Inst.)

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You're Beautiful ost

1 여전히(AsEver)

2 하늘에서 내려와
3 말도 없이
4 LovelyDay
5 약속 (Promise)(Feat.정용화)
6 가슴이 욕해
7 말도 없이
8 여전히(AsEver)
9 약속(Promise)
10 말도 없이 (Ver. Piano)
11 여전히 (Ver. Bossa)
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  1. hi, i think there is a problem with the second link. i dl-ed it but it says it cannot be extracted correctly. can you please fix that? thanksss!

  2. Hey thanks for the links. I love this k-drama and the music makes me remember some things.