Thursday, July 5, 2012


I Love You
01 I Love You
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Go Away(Japanese version)
01 GO AWAY (Japanese Version)
02 IT HURTS (Japanese Version)
03 GO AWAY (Instrumental)
04 IT HURTS (Instrumental)
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01 I Am The Best
02 Ugly
03 Lonely
04 Hate You
05 Don’t Cry
06 Don’t Stop The Music
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Hate You
01 Hate You
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I Am The Best
01 내가 제일 잘 나가
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01 Lonely
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01 Can't nobody
02 Go away
03 Clap your hands
04 I'm busy
05 Slow(Painful)
06 Love is ayaya
07 You & I
08 Please don' go
09 Kiss
10 Follow Me
11 I don't care(Reggae mix ver)
12 Can't Nobody (English ver)
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Try to Copy Me
01.Try to Copy Me
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I Don't Care (Unplugged Version)
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I Don't Care
03 In The Club
04 Let's Go PARTY
05 Pretty Boy
06 Stay Together
07 Lollipop (feat. BIG BANG)
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01 Fire
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01 Lollipop(feat Big bang)
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