Friday, June 5, 2009

V.O.S / Voice of soul

With U (SS Life-Star Secret Life O.S.T)
01. With U (M-net Real Drama 'SS Life-Star Secret Life' title track)
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Vol 3.5 Routine Free
01.큰일이다 keunirida
02.울어 ureo
03.차라리 욕을 해 charari yogeul hae
04.To Luv... (Feat. 2PM's Jae Beom)
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Vol. 3 Wonderful Things
01 Amuri Neol (Now matter how you are)
02 Beautiful Life (feat. Lee Minwoo)
03 Namjaramyeonseo (As A Man)
04 Panjjok (Half)
05 Oneulddala Shinaneun Party Time. (Today's Happy Party Time)
06 Utdaga Ulgetjyo. (Smiling and Crying)
07 Kudaeyeoseo Komaweoyo. (Because of You, Thank You)
08 Candy Girl
09 Tu Sarang. (Two Loves)
11 Beautiful Life (CONCERT Ver.)
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01 I Need You (Feat. Noblesse)
02 나 이젠 (V.O.S & Monday Kiz)
03 열이나고
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