Wednesday, November 2, 2011


01 Ultra Lover
02 I’ll be back -Japanese ver.-
03 Ultra Lover (without main vocal)
04 I’ll be back -Japanese ver.- (without main vocal)
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Hands Up

01 Hands Up
02 Electricity
03 Give It To Me
04 영화처럼
05 모르니
06 Hot
07 Without U
08 I'll Be Back
09 I Can't
10 Hands Up (East4A mix)
11 Electricity (220v mix)
12 Thank You
13 Don't Stop Can't Stop

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Take off

01 Take off

02 Heartbeat (Japanese Ver.)

03 Take Off (Without Main Vocal)

04 Heartbeat (Japanese Ver.) (Without Main Vocal)

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Still 2.00pm
01 Still
02 I’ll Be Back (JYP, Shim Eunji, Jo Jongsu)
03 니가 나를 떠나도 (Even If You Leave Me) (Super Changddai)
04 Dance Tonight (Bang Yuhyun, Park Sejun (Soul Connection))
05 I Can’t (Lee Doohyun, a.k.a Ra.D)
06 I Know (Jo Songsu, a.k.a Fame J)
07 I’ll Be Back – Club mix (JYP, Tommy Park)
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Nori For
01 Nori For
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Thank You
01 Thank You
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Don't Stop Can't Stop
01 Don't Stop Can't Stop
02 Without You
03 마자
04 목숨을 건다
05 Without You(Explorer Mix)
06 Space 마자
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Follow Your Soul
01 Follow Your Soul (OPPO Cell Phone CF)
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01. Crazy4S
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Tik Tok
01 Tik Tok [Ft Yoon Eun Hye]
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Paris Baguette CF
Cake Song ~ Swiss Bros Remix
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My Color
01 My Color
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01 My Heart

05 Gimme The Light
06 Back 2U
07 All Night Long
08 Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)
09 10점 만점에
10점 (10/10)10 Only you (Acoustic Mix)
11 Again & Again
12 니가밉다 (Hate You) (Lounge Mix)
13 돌아올지도 몰라 (Don't Know If She Might Come Back) (Bossa Nova Mix)
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Time For Change
01 What Time Is It Now
02 Again & Again
03 니가 밉다
04 돌아올지도 몰라
05 Again & Again (R&B Mix)
06 Again & Again (Inst.)
07 니가 밉다 (Inst.)
08 돌아올지도 몰라 (Inst.)
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Only You (Winter Special)
01Only You (Winter Special)
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Hottest Time Of The Day
01 10점 만점에 10점 ("10 Points out of 10 points")
02 Only You
03 Angel
04 10점 만점에 10점 ("10 Points out of 10 points") [Old School version]
05 10 Points out of 10 points (inst)
06 Only You (inst)
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