Saturday, April 28, 2012


01. 도라도라 (DORADORA)
02. 4U (For You)
03. 사랑이 멈출 때
05. TICK TOCK (OUT OF TIME) (Korean ver.)

06. 도라도라 (DORADORA) (inst.)

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01. Intro
02. Neverland
03. Baby Don’t Cry
04. Someday
05. Take Me Away
06. On The Floor
07. 친구의 사랑(A Friend’s Love)
08. 4월 이야기(April Story)
09. Obsession
10. Top That
11. Tell Me Y
12. 다시 만나요(See You Again) [U-KISS with PARAN]
13. Someday (Instrumental)
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Bran new kiss

01 It's time (Intro)

02 0330

03 Painful for me to say

04 Everyday

05 I don't understand

06 Miracle

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Break Time
01 Before Yesterday (Intro)
02 시끄러!!
03 Light It Up
04 Rock Ya' Body
05 Avater
06 시끄러!! (Inst.)

07 Light It Up (Inst.)

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01뭐라고 ( New Ver)
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Only one
02.빙글빙글 (Bingeul Bingeul)
03.Without You
05.Bang Bang Bang
06.Dancing Floor
07.만만하니 (Remix)
08.O.K! (Remix)
09.니가 좋아 (Remix)
10.Talk To Me (Remix)
11.어리지 않아 (Remix)
12.Give It To Me (Remix)
13.빙글빙글 (inst.)
14.뭐라고 (inst.)
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Bring It Back 2 Old School

01 Intro (On Fire)

02 니가 좋아

03 Talk To Me

04 니가 좋아 (Instrumental)

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New Generation

01 Intro (Pump Pump)

02 어리지않아 (Not Young)

03 Give It To Me

04 어리지않아(Not Young) (inst.)

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