Wednesday, February 4, 2009

KCM / Kang Chang Mo

01. 멀리있기 (To Be Far Away)
02. 울보 (후속곡) (Cry Baby)
03. 있을때잘해 (Do Good While I’m Still Here) (feat. Ha Joo Yun (Jewelry), Suho)
04. 홀로서기 (To Stand Alone)
05. 얼마나 사랑하면 (How Much Do You Have to Love)
06. Espresso
07. 습관처럼 (Like a Habit)
08. 난너만있으면 (All I Need Is You) (All Star Vol. 2)
09. Promise (East of Eden OST)
10. 멀리있기 (To Be Far Away) (Piano Ver.)
11. 울보 (Cry Baby) (Piano Ver.)
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01 Minyeowa Yasu
02 Seulpeun Nunsaram
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Break out January
1 Goodbye
2 Love Might Come (With HwaYoBi)
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