Saturday, January 10, 2009

CSJH / Cheong Sang Ji Hee

Sukoshi De Ii Kara / A little bit of good
01 Here
03 Stand Up People
04 I don't know what to do
05 Party
06 天上のメロディー
07 Near~thoughtful・1220~
08 どうして・・・
09 Epilogue
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01 Here 0
2 Near thoughtful・1220
03 Here -Instrumental-
04 Near ~thoughtful・1220~ -Instrumental-
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Stand Up People
01. Stand Up People
02. Dear friend
03. Stand Up People -R.Yamaki'S Original Version-
04. One More Time,OK?"Royal Mirrorball Mix"
05. Stand Up People -Instrumental-
06. Dear friend -Instrumental-
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Graceful 4
01 Piranha
02 One More Time, OK?
03 Just For One Day (Tenjochiki feat.JEJUNG from Tohoshinki)
04 I'll Kiss You
05 Boomerang
07 5cm
08 Sweet Flower
09 Get on the floor (Tenjochiki & DOGMA)
10 The Club (Tenjochiki feat.SEAMO)
11 juicy LOVE (Tenjo Chiki feat.CORN HEAD)
12 My Everything
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1st Too Good
1.Can't Help Falling In Love

3.Too Good
4.오랫동안 (Your Smile) (oh raet dong ahn)

2nd The Club
1.The Club feat.RAIN(비)
2. What U Want(Stephanie)
3.The Club(instrumental)

3rd My Everything
1.My Everything
2.The Final Sentence
5.My Everything (Radio Edit Version)
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1st 한번 더, OK?
1.한번 더, OK?
2.女友 (그녀들의 수다)
3.女友 Interlude
4. Sweet Emotion
5. 그 사람... 욕하지 마요
7. 4월의 첫 날 (April Fools' Day)
8. Dancer In The Rain
9. 아니기를 (Not To Be)
10. 하루만 (Just For One Day) Feat. Super Junior's Kyuhyun
11. Tonight Is On Me
12. Dancing Queen (Acapella)
13. 열정 (My Everything)
14. Boomerang
15. The Club Feat. RAIN 비

2nd The club
1.The Club feat.SEAMO

2.What U Want feat.Stephanie

3.The Club (instrumental)

4.What U Want (instrumental)

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3rd Sweet Flower
1.Sweet Flower
2.Rock'n' Roll Star feat.Lina
3.Sweet Flower (instrumental)
4th Juicy love
1.juicy LOVE feat. CORN HEAD
2.さよならの向こうに feat.Dana (sayonara no mukou ni)
3.juicy LOVE (instrumental)
4.さよならの向こうに (instrumental) (sayonara no mukou ni)
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