Friday, August 15, 2008


Alive Soul Cuts Vol.1
01. Morning
02. Celebration feat. MYK
03. One Light feat. Double K, Nekuopsani, Minos
04. Seonsa (Parole) feat. Kebee
05. Spread Message
06. Alive feat. Tablo, Yankie
07. Trust Me feat. Rhyme -A-
08. Ye Jing feat. Akira
09. Still Shining feat. The Quiett
10 I Guess feat. Nassun, Kikaflo
11. Changma feat. Mithra Jin
12. One Dream feat. Rimshot
13. Musicbox feat. Kebee, Beige
14. Wake Up feat. Kero One, MYK
15. Sunshine Of My Life feat. Paloalto, Born Kim, Onesun, Maniac16. Interlude: Enlightenment
17. Supremercy 08 Remix feat. Paloalto, The Quiett
18. Oneway 08 Remix feat. Verbal Jint, Kebee
19. Outro: Let's Go Follow The Sun
20. You!! feat. Leo Kekoa, Baby
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