Monday, December 17, 2007


Vol.1 Another Myself
01 Intro
02 Listen (Feat. All Black, Brown Eyed Girls)
03 Maybe I Love You (Feat. Big Tone)
04 Bite the Lip (Feat. Big Tone)
05 From Friend To Lover (Feat. MondayKiz, Baek JiYoung)
06 Blah Blah (Feat. Lee Jung)
07 One Man and Two Women (Feat. Lee JaeHoon, Kim Gunmo)
08 All In (Feat. Big Tone, Esther)
09 Oh Oh Oh (Feat. Brown Eyed Girls)
10 All For You (Feat. SG Wannabe)
11 Short Song (Feat. HaHa & Il Moon)
12 Same Bed Different Dreams (Feat. Uptown)
13 Coke and Sprite (Feat. Hoo NiHoon)
14 Seduce (Feat. Big Tone)
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