Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lim Jeong Hee

On the way to break up
01 On the way to break up
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Before I Go J-Lim
01 Before I Go J-LIM
02 사랑에 미치면 (Feat. Big Boi from OutKast & J.Y.PARK "THE ASIAN SOUL")
03 품
04 사랑의 반대말
05 해요 (Feat. Miro from Brown Eyed Girls)
06 LOVE (Feat. PDOGG)
07 그녀에게 가버리세요
08 안돼
09 이런 사랑 저런 사랑 (Feat.J.Y.PARK "THE ASIAN SOUL")
10 이별선언
11 들어요 (Feat. K.will)
12 사랑이 끝나면
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